Residential Moving in Kelowna & the Okanagan Valley

Moving can be demanding and overwhelming - seemingly with everything happening at once. You can rely on 1st Choice Moving & Storage and our professional moving services in Kelowna to take the burden of moving off of you and your family.

When you contact 1st Choice Moving & Storage, we will access your moving needs; address any pre-move concerns, and answer all questions. We will provide you with an estimate outlining all the services and breakdown of the charges. For your move, we use a system we call Our Move Process. Our Move Process is a system of protective procedures undertaken to ensure there is no damage to your residence and your household goods.

Our protection procedures keep the chance of damage to an absolute minimum.

The key features of the Our Move Process are:

  • We disassemble & reassemble items necessary for a safe move
  • We cover your floors and stairs extensively with protective covers
  • We do a complete blanket wrap of your furniture before the items leave your residence
  • TVs are wrapped and placed in TV boxes
  • Mattresses and box springs are placed into plastic protective sheaths
  • Wardrobe boxes are provided to move your clothes

Our Move Process

Upon Arrival at Your Residence

Walk Through – You show the team around your home to give them a basic room layout and clarity as to what is to be moved and what is not to be moved. 

Residence Protection – The layout of protection runners on all floors and stairways. 


  • The disassembly of beds and tables and items which require disassembly
  • The removal of removable shelves from shelf units and cabinets

Furniture Blanket Wrap -

  • Blanket wrapping of all furniture
  • Placing your TVs into TV boxes
  • Placing the mattresses and box springs into protective bags
  • Loading of wardrobe boxes with clothes

Load – The moving of your items out of your home and into the moving van.

Residence Protection – The removal of the protection runners from floors and stairways.

Final Walk Through – A quick look around the residence to make sure we loaded everything that was to be moved.

Upon Arrival at Your New Residence 

Walk Through – You show the team around your home to identify the rooms so they can place your goods in the correct rooms. 

Residence Protection – The layout of protection runners on all floors and stairways

Unload – The moving of your items out of the moving van and into your home.

Furniture Blanket Unwrap

  • Blanket unwrapping of all furniture
  • Removing TVs from TV boxes
  • Removing mattress and box springs from protective bags
  • Unloading of clothes from wardrobe boxes


  • The reassembly of beds and tables and items which we disassembled
  • The replacing of the removed shelves

Residence Protection – The removal of the protection runners from floors and stairways.

Every household will have different needs when it comes to moving, and we also offer packing services and crating services. And should storage be required, we offer a great storage system we call “our one-touch storage system.”

Moving services are charged by the hour. The key to your move is preparation and organization. The more prepared and organized you are for your move, the smoother it will go. 

Here are some Money Saving Moving Tips which will save time and save you money:

Money Saving Moving Tips

Be sure packing is completed by moving day.

Truck Access
Be sure to have your vehicles moved out of your driveway and away from the front of your residence to make room for the moving van.

Condo or Apartment
Be sure to have the elevator reserved and have management reserve the spot where the moving van will park.

Wall-Mounted Items
Take the TV off the wall mount.

Disconnect and pack into boxes all electronics and their wires.

Completely disconnect your washing machine and install your transit bolts to secure your washing machine drum.


  • Bundle your garden tools. Take your shovels, rakes, brooms, etc. and tape two or three of them together into handy moving bundles.
  • Propane BBQ - remove propane tank
  • Gas BBQ - disconnect gas connection
  • Garden Hoses - Drain, coil, and connect ends so they do not leak all over

Have a Plan
Where all furniture is to be placed in your new home.

Clearly Label
All items which are not to be moved.

Removable Shelves in Bookcases, Cabinets, Etc.
Remove all shelves and all shelf Supports. Remove all support pins and pegs and seal them into large envelopes clearly marked as to where they go. Place all envelopes into one small box labelled “Shelf Parts Box.” Smaller shelves can be packed into boxes, and we will wrap medium and large shelves in furniture blankets. Please do not tape the shelves together.

Roll area rugs and tape them in 2 or 3 places, depending on the size.

Disassemble and Reassemble beds. 

Be Accessible to answer questions during the move. 

Please keep small children away from the moving process. Moving with kids can be tricky. Your best bet for small children is to set up a play date at a friend’s house or have them spend the day with a relative.

Please keep pets away from the moving process by having them at a doggie day care for the day or safely confining them in an empty room.

1st Choice Moving & Storage

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Service Area

Our service area is the Okanagan Valley, including:

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