Kelowna Storage Services: Easy Storage in One Touch!

One-touch storage

Our One-Touch Storage System

We have an excellent storage system we call “our one-touch system.”

With our one-touch storage system, the storage containers are brought to your residence inside the truck and your goods are loaded directly into the containers. The containers are then forklifted into our climate controlled warehouse for storage. When you need your goods, the storage containers are forklifted into the truck and brought to your new residence and unloaded directly into your home.

Our one-touch storage system works great, as your goods are loaded and unloaded only once, completely minimizing the chance of damage.

The combination of the one-touch and the indoor climate controlled warehouse make our storage system the best possible storage option for your needs.

Learn more about our convenient one-touch storage options; call 1st Choice Moving & Storage in Kelowna.

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